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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tech N9ne on the Carter 4

Here is the long awaited track off the Carter 4 featuring Tech N9ne. The song is called "Interlude" and Andre 3000 is also featured on the track. "Interlude" is just one part of the three part song. The song is actually split into three parts on the album, "Intro" "Interlude" and "Outro". Lil Wayne does the "Intro".  Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes finish off the "Outro." Lil Wayne's Carter 4 will be available on Itunes this Sunday, after the MTV video music awards. Enjoy!

Lil Wayne and Tech N9ne have been making a lot of noise on the internet.  Having Tech on the Carter 4 gives him even more exposure, thus increasing his fan base and making him even more of a mogul. ged to capture Tech N9ne's appearance on stage with Lil' Wayne at the Sprint Center Monday night. Take a look...

  There has been rumors that a Lil Wayne and Tech N9ne tour may be in the works. That would be insane to have, what I believe, the two biggest hip hop acts come together for a tour. I know I would be attending. What do you guys think of Tech's track off the Carter 4? Would you attend a Lil Wayne and Tech N9ne tour? Let's hear your thoughts...

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