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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Royals Sign Outfielder Bubba Starling

Right before the 11 PM deadline Monday night, Royals signed their 5th pick Bubba Starling and today the signing was official. Bubba will receive $7.5 million in bonus, spread over three years. Bubba is from Gardner, Kansas and it has been his dream to become a Kansas City Royal. He is also a football star and had to make the decison to either play baseball or football at Nebraska. Hopefully, he will become a name we hear for many years.

There is also a rumor he is a big Tech N9ne fan. Wouldn't it be cool to hear Bubba come out to bat with some Tech N9ne music? I already like the kid! I believe that being 19 its a big decision for him to choose to go to a pro baseball team over going to Nebraska for college and getting that college experience; but at the same time it would be hard to pass up such a great opportunity. Overall, this is a big signing for the Royals and lets hope he is the future.

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