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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Royals Midseason Report

Usually there is not many positives you can take from a last place team, but there are some bright spots. The Royals (37-54) are in last place in the AL Central, 11.5 games out of first. Our young talent looks promising and I believe the Royals are finally making strides to put a good product on the field. It will depend on our young players continually developing and becoming good players in the future. Hosmer, Moustakas, Escobar, are just a few, who give the Royals a promising future. I believe these players have the talent to eventually become all stars in Kansas City. Alex Gordon is another bright spot this year and should have been an all star. A lot of people including me had written him off and this year he seems to becoming the player we thought he could be. Relief pitcher Aaron Crow is also been a bright spot and earned him a trip to his first ever all star game. However, he has been the only bright spot in our pitchers.

Our starting pitching continues to be one of the worst in the league. Until the Royals due something about this situation, we will continue to struggle. Bruce Chen is looking like our ace and Kyle Davies is looking like garbage to be quite frank. Soria is still doing a good job as our closer even with the rough patch early in the year. The starting pitching is my only complaint so far midway through the season.

I know Royals fans are getting tired of going through terrible seasons year after year, but I believe we are turning the corner. The growing pains through the rest of the way will hurt and we will probably continue to struggle. I am optimistic and these growing pains will fade and "NEXT" year the Royals will be competitive.

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